About us

The Mountains Guides Association “ROVIN” was founded on January 17, 2008 on the initiative of  Lviv Tourist Board and Drohobych Rayon Council and other interested people, within the framework of “Neighbourhood”  programme Poland – Byelorussia – Ukraine   Interreg III/ Tacis CBC implementation. The Association is unprofitable, independent, voluntary, noncommercial organization, which unites the specialists of tourist accompaniment from Ukraine and border countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania), and other coutries interested in a cooperation.  Association provides the services in assistance of trips planning, promotes tourist activity in Ukraine and in a cross-border region, and represent its members interests to the authorities and society. The Association carries on business on a voluntary basis and involves its members for the realization of its tasks.

The Association is a membership organization. The financial, material, intellectual and other resources in a form of membership fees are used for realization of main tasks, particularly, in cooperation with the Ukrainian and foreign partners.  

The main activities of Association are:

  • co-ordination of activity of tourist accompaniment specialists (guides, enterpretors, mountains guides);  
  • conducting of scientific, economic, social, marketing and other analytical researches;
  • co-ordination of research works on questions of tourism;
  • development of the national and regional programs on tourism development;
  • database creation on tourist information, computer processing and distribution of the information;
  • providing the consultative services on questions of tourist activity on the internal and external markets;
  • development of programs for educational institutions of different level, training the specialists for tourist industry;
  • organisation of informational, promotional and publishing activities on questions of tourism;
  • organisation of  courses, trainings, personnel development courses for mountains guides and tourism business specialists;
  • participation in the international tourist activity, representation of the Carpathians region interests on questions of tourism in Ukraine and abroad;
  • collection, analisys and distribution of information about terms and problems of tourist development in the Carpathian Region and collection of books, catalogues, booklets, periodicals, electronic database etc;
  • realisation of marketing researches and providing the services in tourism;
  • stimulation of tourist services in the cross-border Carpathians region;
  • protection of the natural environment and participation in ecological events;
  • protection of natural and cultural values;
  • popularisation of regional tourist attractions of the Carpathian cross-border region;
  • popularisation of local tourist traditions;
  • promotion of active tourism among young people, involving them into different kinds of tourism;
  • popularization of active recreation;
  • development of contacts and cooperation with local, cross-border and international organizations, which are engaged in tourism;
  • representation of the interests of guides, tourists and local researches with the authorities,   development of  programs supported and funded by state administrations, councils and self-government bodies  related to marking and preservation of tourist routs;
  • involvement of tourists and local people to membership of the Association and providing them with a right to use all the forms of its activity;
  • development of different forms of active tourism, recreation, sports in combination with tourist activity;
  • development, marking and maintaining of tourist routs;
  • training of certificated tourist guides;
  • development of cultural activity and tourist products;
  • organization of scientific work originated from the tasks of the Association;
  • organisation of internal and international tourism.