Development of Carpathian Mountain Rescue Cooperation Platform



Funded by International Visegrad Fund

 (International Visegrad Fund)

Project title: Development of Carpathian Mountain Rescue Cooperation Platform

Project Leader:

  NGO Mountains Guides Association "Rovin", Lviv Ukraine


1.      Mountain rescue centre (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

2.      Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue - Krynica Group (Poland) (Górskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe - Grupa Krynicka)

3.   Mountain Rescue Service Pieniny National Park (Slovakia)

(Horská služba Pieninského národného parku)

4.      Mountain Rescue Service (Jizerske Mountains) (Czech Republic) Horská služba ČR o.p.s. (Jizerske hory)


Project main goal is further development of the Carpathian Mountain Rescue Cooperation Platform, created within previous project supported by Visegrad Fund, for sustainable dialogue and efficient cooperation between mountain rescuers (regular and volunteers), working in transboundary mountain region of Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland and Czech Republic.

The project specific objectives are:

 - information and experience exchange in search-rescue operations and actions;

 - transmission of standards and best practices in rescue and search activities in mountains/caves/rivers;

- creation of the safety terms for tourists and locals through enlargement of the mobile application "Self-rescuer".

The project previews organization of the common trainings, that will allow working out joint actions in emergency events: avalanches, mountain flooding, etc.; will establish mechanisms for information exchange (accidents prevention, response, assistance). Already collected within the previous project information on search-rescue points, first aid stations, tourist shelters in the mountainous regions of Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine, police, forestry, border points, in the form of databases will be placed in the mobile application "Self-rescuer", created by the project leader as an analogue of the existing ones in Poland-Slovakia-Czech Republic and operating within mobile applications of rescue services. This mobile application will be available for downloading and further exploitation.

The project envisages realization of the following activities:

1)    Joint international practical training for rescuers in Poland, Krynica-Zdroj

 This educational and training session in Poland will ensure the improvement of state and non-governmental rescue staff qualifications in the area of search on the terrain and development of the ability to participate effectively in joint responses to incurred risks. The training will contain: 1) practical search-rescue operations on the terrain with usage and application of special search and rescue equipment: GPS satellite navigation systems, Galileo system; specialized software for exploration work; 2) psychology in search;   3) ways and methods of single network, communications; usage of modern innovative information technologies (rescue application "Ratunek", GIS systems, etc).

November, 2019

2)     Joint international practical trainings for rescuers in Slovakia, Spisska Stara Vies

The training will be devoted to rescue works on rope lifts and ski slopes (ski equipment, evacuation of the victim from a ski slope) techniques and tactics for rescue operations during avalanches; provision of first medical care in case of injuries, hypothermia and frostbite, basic methods of fighting frostbite.

February, 2020


3)     Joint international practical trainings for rescuers in Ukraine (Verkhovyna) (Event–Private), Verkhovyna


The trainings agenda: water rescue operations, general safety rules; rafting, using a string - from the shore, from a flowing device, throwing methods; saving several people at the same time; passive, active, aggressive swimming; getting the victim to shore, etc.

May, 2020

4)     Joint international practical trainings for rescuers in Czech Republic (Event–Private), Bedřichov, CZ

The training will include the use of emergency rescue equipment by rescue services operating in the highlands

June, 2020


5)    Mobile Application "Self-Rescuer"- informative and technical content

Mobile Application "Self-Rescuer" - created Ukrainian analogue of the Polish mobile application "Ratunek", Czech Repulic application "Zahranka". Formation of databases; translation of information into English; placement of electronic information into the mobile application "Self-Rescue" - Information on mountain search and rescue points, medical aid points, mountain shelters, police, border guard service, State Rescue Services, protected areas, forestry, useful tips in the event of emergencies


6)    Specialized large-scale international training for rescuers and other involved services (police, border guards, forestry and protected areas, mountain guides) in Ukraine (Lviv region)


50 participants. Specialized large-scale international educational and practical training sessions within the project will ensure the coordinated work of state and non-governmental rescue staff: regular and volunteers rescuers, police, border guards, state emergency service. The trainings agenda: theory session on cooperation of different services in rescue operations; practical modelling of search-rescue operation on terrain.

August, 2020


The platform demonstrates the alternative way and assists to the colleagues from Ukrtaine in creation of mountain voluntary rescue services for the whole region. Enlargement and deeping of the cooperation with Czech Republic-Poland-Slovakia colleagues would assist in building of a new system based on EU experience. The activities will include the construction of the network; trained staff and improved technical capacities will add to safety and security services response.

Project starts on 01 October 2019.