Reproduction and preservation of culinary traditions for the promotion of cultural heritage of mountainous cross-border region

The project aim is promotion and preservation of intangible cultural heritage - Carpathian Boyko Cuisine - for cross-border tourism development.

Boykos, a Ukrainian ethnographic group, inhabited territory of Skolivski Beskydy in Lvivska oblast, Ukraine. For centuries Boykos resided also in Bieszczady in Poland. Forced resettlement, two world wars and migration in 20th century had irretrievably changed situation in that quiet area. Still fortunately a great number of objects that represent historical and cultural heritage (both tangible and intangible) of the region survived. Unique and diverse, they should not sink into oblivion, but be maintained and exhibited.


Project aims to revive and preserve traditional Boyko cuisine while investigating and recreating culinary traditions in mountain region of Ukraine and Polish Beskids. This will increase use of mutual ethno-cultural heritage of neighboring nations, attract more visitors to the objects of natural and cultural heritage and increase diversity and quality of tourism services.


Places for traditional Boyko food master classes will be arranged, master classes will be held by local masters willing to share their priceless knowledge in order to preserve and promote intangible cultural heritage.

Master classes will encourage representatives of culture and tourism departments, tour operators, journalists and bloggers to put to use ancient recipes collected and tested out during project implementation. Governmental representatives strengthening cultural links and cooperation, journalists and bloggers promoting the cuisine, tour operators promoting gastronomic tours exploring little-known mountain trails in territories of Poland and Ukraine will contribute to development of tourism in cross-border areas of both countries.


Project creates opportunities for local people to preserve joint traditions and demonstrate their authenticity through food.

Welcome to share the unique recipes of Boyko Cuisine, local traditions, hostnames on the created within project page in Facebook Carpathian Boyko Cuisine.

Master classe ob Boyko Cuisine will be held in Dovge-Girske village Drohobych rayon Lviv oblast in Ukraine and in Ustrzyki Gorne in Poland. Local  hosts will present their dishes, speak to the guests, provide information on Boyko Cuisine recepies.  


Collected recipes of traditional Boyko dishes, as well as information about traditions related to gastronomy, contacts of local hosts who are happy to share their secrets and are ready to cooperate with all interested parties to preserve and promote the traditional Boyko cuisine will be printed in the gourmet catalog "Boyko cuisine"

Gastronomic tourism is becoming more and more popular in the world and leads visitors to the most farthest mountainous areas. In Lviv oblast, in mountain regions (Skolivski Beskydy) and in Bieszczady Poviat new opportunities for economic development of community are to be created thanks to the preserved and restored Boyko cuisine. Boyko-cuisine book here.

Project  “Reproduction and preservation of culinary traditions for the promotion of cultural heritage of mountainous cross-border region” financed by Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014–2020.


Lead Beneficiary - Mountains Guides Association "ROVIN", Project Beneficiary - Local Tourist Organisation in Przemysl.


Project duration 01 February 2020 - 31 January 2021.

For detailed information, please, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.