Internships for mountain guides and rescuers.


The training on rising the level of professional skill (internship programme) for the trained mountains guides and rescuers.
In the frames of project “STIMULATION OF THE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT IN THE CARPATHIAN REGION BY TOURIST’S SERVICE AND SECURITY IMPROVEMENT” according to the Project Action Plan in the period  of October,  1st  – October,  6th the Project Leader Partner  Mountains Guides Association “ ROVIN”  in cooperation with project partners: Have organized and realized the training on rising the level of professional skill (internship programme) for the trained mountains guides and rescuers on the base of functioning Mountains Search-Rescue Points of Górskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe Grupa Bieszczadzka - GOPR

During the internship the training programmes developed in the frames of Project realization “The training programme for the tourist guide specialists” and “The training program for the workers of search-rescue points”  have been piloted.

The pparticipants listen to the lectures and watched multimedia presentations on the following subjects: tourism on the border areas, mountain guide services, safety of tourists in the mountains, organization of search and rescue services, search and rescue operations in the mountains, modern facilities and staff for mountain rescuers, conservation of ecology and so on.

Their practical skills the Ukrainian participants of Internship Training have piloted and improved during the planned joint patrolling with GOPR employees, which took place in the mountains of Western Bieshchady (Bieszczady Wschodnie). The participants  climbed: Vetlinska mountain (1295 m), m.Tarnitsa (1346 m), m. Halich (1333 m), Mount - Small and Large Ravka   (1304 m ) ... The  participants visited and acquainted with the realities of duty stations and search-rescue points of GOPR in the mountains. The Internship Training Participants had solemnly raised the flags of Ukraine and Poland, the EU flag, and MGA “Rovin” flag (the photo is attached).
The partners from PTTK (Polskie Towarzystwo Turystyczno-Krajoznawcze Oddzial im Dr M. Orlowicza) presented the Ukrainian participants the tourist attractions and Podkarpathian Voivodeship infrastructure. The participants had the opportunity to learn: the defense fort from the period of the First World War from the historical and architectural point of view, the city of Przemysl, Sanok and Ethnographic Park of Sanok - which is one of the most beautiful museums in the open air in Europe (the culture of the Polish-Ukrainian border area in the Eastern part of Polish Carpathians is presented on the territory of 38 hectares (Bieszczady, Beskidu Niskiego and

The project leaders presented to each participant of the event specifically designed and produced (bright red) uniforms: shirts and caps, which  identifies,  visually promotes the mountain tourism and safety. There is logo and inscription "Tourist Support and Safety in the Mountains" and EU and Programme PL-BY-UA 2007-2013 symbols on the uniforms (in white colour). On the graduation day the certificates were solemnly handed to all participants of training internship course.

The joint Ukrainian-Polish Internship trainings contributed to the experience exchange, information exchange, brought Ukrainian colleagues to European standards in the providing of assistance and rescue for tourists. Indeed, one of the main project objectives – is to build the close cooperation with organizations working in the field of rescue and mountainous guides, to create a solid platform for cooperation, dialogue and exchange on this stage, and for the long-term period.
Press-release №8 of 04.09 2013