Environmental Action "Kupalske Revival-2011"

It was organised the campaign aimed to collect garbage on tourist recreational places in highlands of  Lviv oblast "Kupalske Revival-2011."
35 volunteers joined the environmental action from all over Ukraine: Lviv and Lviv oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Kyiv, Donetsk, Odessa.
They purified from the trash the area around the ancient cave monastery near by the village Rozhirche, rocks near the village Yamelnytsya, the area around the Kamyanmka waterfall, the path to the waterfall Gurkalo, riverbank Stry from the village Dovge to the village Pidhorodtsi, lakes near the village Rovin.
This group had the wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the charms of this area, history, traditions and customs, to develop a responsible attitude to nature, learn basics of ecological comprehension, mountain tourism.
During the "Kupalske Revival-2011" the posters urging keep cleanness have been posted in villages Rozhirche, Korchyn, Krushelnytsya, Yamelnytsya, Pidhorodtsi, Sopit, Dovhe with the aim to change the attitude of tourists and the local population to pollution problems. Also, it was held the round table with representatives of local authorities, communities and businesses to organize the collection and disposal of garbage in the area and to develop the aspects of environmental education.
On the 11th, July 2011 the  Private Enterprise "Centro-Pack" in Striy had taken for disposal 5 cubic meters of extruded plastic bottles, 30 bags with glass, 6 bags with iron products for processing, as well as 15 bags of various waste materials that are not recyclable.