"Increasing of the Tourist Attractiveness of the Forts in Mostysk Rayon and Przemysl Povit."



The project will be realized on the territory of Lviv oblast (Ukraine) and Podkarpackie voivodship (Poland) during 10 mounthes 01/02 /2014 to 30.11.2014.

Leader Partner of the Project is: Mountains Guides Association “ROVIN”

Project partner is:

   - Polish Tourist Association of Country Lovers, Department named after M. Orlowich in Przemysl, (Polskie Towarzystwo Turystyczno-Krajoznawcze Oddzial im Dr M. Orlowicza)

The main project goal is to promote the development of tourism  around the fortress of Przemysl, by training of qualified personnel among local people to accompany (guide) the tourists on cross border tourist routes, that combine different forts into general tourism product.
 Specific objectives project partners are to achieve:

  1. To establish contacts with local experts on tourist  support (guides, guides - interpreters, mountain guides and others) on both sides of  EU border to  present the travel opportunities and cultural characteristics of the region.
  2. To prepare new and develop the qualification of practicing guides. Especially in the border towns and villages of Mostyska Rayon and Przemysl Povit.
  3. To encourage unification of level of service  standards provided to tourists.
  4. Because of the realised actions to encourage the employment of local people living in the  border towns and villages, to create new jobs in tourism and services.
  5. Project activities are aimed at enhancing the institutional cooperation between the associations and organizations working in the field of tourism on two sides of the EU  borders to build the favorable tourism environment on the covered area .

The specific project actions will be:

  1. Conducting of informational campaign on the project (sending official notices, press releases, publications in mass-media).
  2. Conducting  of 2 (two) official meetings (5 persons in each delegation)   1 day duration  (one in Lviv, and one in Przemysl) with the participation of  Board members and the leaders of partner organizations executive teams.
  3. Preparation of training programs for mixed groups of travel accompaniment professionals from Ukraine and Poland.
  4. Processing and publishing of an information booklet which will promote the activities of guides and guides- interpreters  on both sides of the border and practical training manual for travel accompaniment  professionals   containing the control texts of excursions.
  5. Conducting of the theory trainings in the frames of  six-days courses for guides, parcipants will be formed among the representatives of project partner organizations and local people, willing to work as a guides (not only around the Przemysl Fortress objects) (8 hours a day);
  6.  Conducting a six-day internship (practical course) for the participants of the theoretical part around the objects of Przemysl fortress and around the other tourist facilities on both sides of the EU borders, located in Przemysl povit and Mostyska rayon.
  7. Development and production of awards for students (trainings participators), uniforms and badges for guides.
  8.  Placing of tourist signs near by the tourist objects with information on the possibility to order the guided tour with the guides’ contacts (local guides graduated the professional courses).
  9. Development of Internet page that popularize activity of guides and inform the tourists about cross-border tourist routes.

The project will be focuses on cooperation and acquaintance of people who live and work in one area on two sides of EU border. During the study tours and seminars experts will establish contacts, learn more about each other and become friends. In the future it will simplify the communication between them. Instead, it will give the opportunity to solve the existing problems jointly, to establish common  tourist routs and to offer developed tourist products of cross-border region.

The practical result will be:

  1. awareness of general public and  residents of Mostysk rayon and Prsemysl povit on the project activity.  People, wishing to be involved in guides trainings will be informed particularly. (min. 40 sent press releases, min. 10 publications on the activities in the frames of project);
  2. established links and partnerships during two formal meetings with 10 people  participation, representatives of   Board and executive teams of partner organizations on both sides of the border. Discussed current problems and outlined the mechanisms and solutions;
  3. prepared training programme for guides of two countries participators (1 program);
  4. published brochure  promoting the activity of guides and guides – interpreters on both sides of the border (1000 copies) and practical training manual for specialists of tourist accompaniment (1000 copies);
  5. conducted joint theory trainings in the frames of  six-days courses for guides   ( 34 people, duration of 6 days, 8 hours a day); Foto.
  6. conducted  internship (practical course) for guides on the tourist sites (objects) of  Mostysk rayon and Przemysl povit  ( 34 people, duration of 6 days, 8 hours a day); Foto.
  7. designed and made uniforms for  guides (40sets) jackets, shirts, badges;
  8. established tourist signs with information on the possibility to order the guide in the area (10 signs on both EU sides);
  9. current Internet page that popularize activity of guides, associations they belong to and cross-border region tourist  routes.

           The planned activities in the frames of project are complementary and timely arised and most effective on the opinion of project partners. The project idea was originated and developed jointly with NGOs from both sides of the EU border. It is   the most effective mechanism to assist city administrations in the promotion of tourism opportunities.