Training of guides for the border cities of Ukraine and Poland.


The "Training for the implementation of tourist accompaniment travelers to cross-border tourist routes and border cities of Ukraine and Poland." The project is implemented under the umbrella of the "Joint promotion of tourism opportunities and cultural and historical heritage of Lviv region, Podkarpatske and Lyubinska provinces", which is co-funded by the European Union.

The project is implemented in the Lviv Oblast (Ukraine) and Podkarpackie voivodship(Poland) on January 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015, for 10 months.

Project Beneficiary: Association of Mountain Guides "Rovinj";

Project partner:

         - PTTK DEPARTMENT named after M.ORLOVICH in Przemysl 

The main goal is to promote tourism in the border areas of Ukraine and Poland, especially in small towns and villages by training skilled staff from local residents to accompany tourists. As a result, training programs prepare professionals in tourist accompaniment cross-border tourist routes are located in the area.

Activities to be carried out under the project:

  1. Conducting an information campaign on the project (sending press releases, etc.), namely on its merits, necessity and benefits that receive local communities and citizens from its concrete implementation (publications. Min. 5 publications).

  2. A formal meeting of the partners in Lviv and Perenmyshli (for 1 day), with the participation of representatives of the Board and executive teams of Mountain Guides Association "Rovinj" and Circles Travel Guides PTTK from Przemysl.

  3. The training curriculum guides for the two countries (1 program);

  4. Make a publication of the booklet (500 pcs.) And a practical guide for professionals tourism support (500 pcs.);

  5. Holding in Lviv theoretical studies within a six-day courses for guides with partner cities of Ukraine and Poland in order to obtain candidates guides theoretical knowledge about the city and the area covered by the umbrella project.

Six-day courses for tour guides - Read more.


Press release.

  1. Conduct training for persons who have been theoretical training programs (from Poland and Ukraine) on the ground and transborder routes covered by the umbrella project (38 people, 6 days, 8 hours daily);

  2. Installation information tables in every city with information about the possibility to book a guide to the area;

  3. Production lehkovpiznavanyh uniforms for guides (45 sets) jackets, shirts, badges badges;

  4. Creating a Web page that would achieve popularized project promoted existing guides and tourists informed about existing excursions.

Planned as part of the activities are complementary and according to the project partners timely and most effective. The project idea originated and was developed by joint efforts of NGOs in virgins side borders of the EU and is currently the most effective mechanism to assist local governments and bodies of self-government in the promotion of tourism opportunities in the field.

Schedule of events:

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